Your God has failed you because he doesn’t exist.

Your God has failed you because he doesn’t exist.

Finding the Holy Spirit Within

God the Father is. He is the Nirvana that is infinite, intimate, and can think: “I AM”.

He created the Holy Spirit to be His Voice to lost souls and to provide the Vision that sees a better, happier world that leads us home.

He created Jesus as the One in charge of the Atonement. Salvation. Forgiveness and Return to Heaven.

They are One. Joined for ever and ever.

It is impossible that God can fail, because God is the Creator of Reality. What was with Jesus was “more real” than the water He walked on, “more real” than the diseases He encountered – with Reality, and they were healed. You who believe your body is more real than your soul should have one prayer: “Heal me Lord”.

Your expectations and hopes of God are based on your idea of God. If you feel like you have been relatively “good”, and yet you believe God has failed you, it is because you have a false god, and it has failed you, along with your expectations of it.

God is the constant One, Who always gives your soul what it needs. He protects your soul because it is his Child, a part of Him. You always look outside yourself, but that is a habit because we humans project outward to avoid the guilt of our inner “sins”.

Be brave. Look for Him inside yourself, inside your invisible soul. He is closer than your breath. Closer than your heartbeat.

His Holy Spirit is waiting for you quietly, expectantly, patiently. God is very quiet, and His quiet Voice, the Holy Spirit, can only be heard in quiet. His peace and love, inside you, wait for you to turn your attention inward. He waits to show you that you are OK with Him. Once found, to keep its comfort – you have to share it.

The mystery: Even though you can join with his Holy Spirit inside of you, God is not inside of you – you are a part of Him, along with his Kingdom, and all the equal children of God, and when there, you love them all, as they do you.



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