You Are Not of This World. You Never Were.

You Are Not of This World. You Never Were.

You are not of this world

You are not of this world. You never were.

This bears repeating. Where does your sense of “disconnection” come from? The world seems a stranger to you, and so it should. You were created by Love for Heaven. Yes, you have fallen, along with your brothers. Here you find yourself, a stranger in a strange land. When you were a child, you cared that others suffered. Perhaps that feeling has been blunted by the many hurts and trials you have been through. Perhaps you have so sold out yourself that you only care about your own family, and to hell with anybody else. The further they are from you, the less you feel for them. Brother, time and space are flexible. In truth, there is no such thing as distance.

Do not be dismayed. Your loving father planted the truth, the Holy Spirit, in you the instant you fell – but not in your body, which is alien to your real Self. Because you are not of this world, the Holy Spirit is there, inside you and outside you. There is no difference. Be baptized by Him in one spot, you will experience Him in both. How to proceed? See Jesus.

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