You are not of this world, you never were. See Jesus.

You are not of this world, you never were. See Jesus.

See Jesus

You are not of this world, you never were.

You are aware of the “other”. It is there when you try to think of anything outside your physical self and your physical surroundings. You take it for granted as nothing. There is nothing there. Nothing.

The problem is this: God is Spirit. God is everywhere. Omnipresent. So by trying to be aware of anything outside the physical, and finding nothing, you are calling God nothing.

God, who is Love, has no ego, so don’t be concerned about “insulting” Him by regarding Him as nothing. He can’t be insulted. Could you be insulted by some poor soul who is insane, or by a bacteria? The only result of insulting God is your own sense of guilt, which is very powerful. God created your soul eternal – but you have turned away, and blinded by guilt and making your own hell. But God is Love. So He sent His Holy Spirit and Son who understands and can heal your blindness.

Your “lost” soul has successfully blocked God from your mind because of guilt.

Inside of the ego’s “you” is the true you – another Son of God, holy brother of Christ – who is imprisoned by your ego, your own personal “devil” that you think is on your side.

Love, Happiness, Gentleness, Light, Peace: All part and parcel of the foundations of God’s Kingdom, and NONE that can be called “Physical”.

And so it is. In the “other” – that seemingly “empty” space – is everything that is truly eternal and real. You can not see it, you can not feel it, you can not be aware of it.

But can you?

I promise you – you can not do it alone. It is impossible to escape the world alone. See Jesus, who is your elder brother. He brings the Holy Spirit with Him. Follow Him, internally and externally.



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