There is Nothing to Defend

There is Nothing to Defend

There is nothing to defend. There is nothing you can defend, although there is something you can protect.

You can protect your innocence, but to defend your innocence is impossible because to defend yourself you must “attack for righteous reasons”. You can not attack and be wholly innocent at the same time. Even a passive defense causes a loss of innocence, because you are discarding the truth that you are invulnerable. 

You can protect your innocence by calling on the non-material One who gave it to you in His Conception of you, and maintains it still, even today. This is why your innocence is always there. Your innocent reality is His idea, and He is the Eternal Innocent Source of Life.

His “perception” of you and your innocence and invulnerability is extended through the Holy Spirit, Who He placed in your invisible non-material center. The Holy Spirit always sits quietly inside your subconscious mind, part of your non-material soul. He has patiently waited for eons for you to recognize His Presence. When you recognize the Holy Spirit inside you, you also find your true protection. Your feeble attempts to defend “yourself” are blinding you to your true protection: your innocence. Find Him and you find your eternally-protected soul.

It is your non-material mind that needs protected, (because mind is given free will, and may choose error,) and it can do this only by joining with its true eternal protection. You can join with your soul again, even while walking the earth, and you can experience this protection. 

You cannot defend a lie. You are spirit, not body. The body will yet die, and go back to the earth. God obviously cares not for the body, other than to use it for His Good Purposes. Otherwise, to the Holy Spirit, the body is a dangerous imaginary “thing” that His Child made by mistake, in order to separate from heaven so as to hide from his self-perceived guilt of “stealing part of God” as well. Being a co-creator, this hallucination became material, causing him to forget his own Identity as an eternal Child of God.

In the service of the Holy Spirit, the body can display that it has changed direction, and can point others to their escape from the world. The escape is an “internal” escape, and much good karma comes from this, and much bad karma is neutralized here. The world does not perceive that an internal escape is no fantasy, but displays the power and universe inside all of us. Take a look inside and see how huge you really are. What is outside “you” is limited and has an end. What is inside you is spacious beyond imagination, it is so easy to perceive if you simply close your eyes and “see” the space there. It is limitless. 

Yes, you may be among the innocent on earth that are walked on, perceived as weak, taken advantage of, enslaved, etc… But – It is Better to be among the innocent who are trampled on, than to be the Tramplers!

Woe to the Tramplers, for they will not escape the wrath of their own subconscious when it realizes the truth of the holy ones they trampled, enslaved, and killed in the name of their “God”. How can they escape there own condemnation upon themselves? How can they access their own innocence, their only true protection? How can they face God, now understanding the suffering to His beloved innocent ones that they believe they caused?

How can you defend such a pitiful thing as skin and bone without self-deception and loss of innocence? How can you defend flesh without losing sight of your soul? Awareness of your soul is your true protection of your sanity and the awareness of guiltlessness and invulnerability. Yes, you were created invulnerable, and you still are. But the body is not, and never will be. And your mind obviously can become sick. Thank God it was a mistake. Becoming aware of your soul is much easier than you may think. Please see the Holy Spirit Shower.

You will resist because of your fear of meeting God, which you perceive as fearful. This is a fantasy. There is nothing that you would want to hide from God, even if you could – which you can’t. 

Come to Him, in that meeting place He put inside you. He always forgives those who come to Him, and you will walk away lighter, better. Understand what it means to be “born again”. It is wonderful, freeing, and healing. And if you yet resist, you must ask yourself, “why”? 

Indeed, why do you resist such a natural thing as visiting the One who created you and loves what He created still today? I will now tell you: There is an ancient hate that you still hold inside you, in place of where the Holy Spirit should be. This ancient hate is the product of your self-declared guilt for “abandoning” heaven so long ago it is beyond memory. And even this you blame your loving creator for.

You threw yourself out of heaven. Stop blaming it on Him. The story of Adam and Eve came thousands of years before the Bible, and has different versions. If you simply have the motivation to read only the first two pages of the Bible, you will see two completely different beginnings of the world, one condemns a woman made from a man’s rib, called “Eve”. One must be false.

Get off your butt, and read and choose your own Genesis from the two given. 2 pages. One story of Genesis will free you, and the other will imprison you. Read and choose. In the second one, Adam was put into a deep sleep. However, nowhere in the Bible does it say he ever, ever woke up. A passive truth.



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