There Is Nothing Outside You

There Is Nothing Outside You


The Kingdom of God is Within You.

The doomed universe is reached externally.

The eternal universe is reached internally, not externally.

External to you is the realistic pain/pleasure dreaming of the world.

External to your center is fear.

There is nothing outside you that is not part of Adam’s dream. Look in the Bible and see that Adam never awoke from the sleep in which God took a rib and turned it into the first woman. All part of Adam’s dream.

The kingdom of God is within you, because God is One, and that is the only place He is found. Everyone finds God within because He is your source. Your spirit is His Idea. He is at your center – and everyone else’s center. There we are equally blessed by Him. We all have the same center. It is why we are One in Him. Do you get it?

See Jesus within your soul/mind, and you can see him everywhere, including your where your neighbor stands.

And that is healing.

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