The Holy Spirit Shower

Before I was introduced to A Course In Miracles, I enjoyed reading the Letters of Paul in the morning, in my office, before meditating for a half hour or so. My meditation methods were gleaned from various prior studies, starting in my late teens with self-hypnosis. The presence of the Holy Spirit was in Paul’s expressions, and for me, there was a harmonic effect, and this put me in the correct mood, or “space” to meditate on… welcoming, connecting. It was during those years that we developed “The Holy Spirit Shower”.  I say “we” because miracles are a cooperative effort, and any connection or awareness of holiness is a miracle.

  1. Sit quietly after reading inspirational writings. Close eyes.

  2. Sink into God. Let go.

  3. If your attention is diverted by private thoughts, let them fly off, thinking: “Ok, now back to center,” and continue with your meditation on welcoming an awareness of the presence of the Holy Spirit.

  4. Wait, with focus.

  5. Your body will relax eventually. He is always waiting in love and peace for you to look at Him, and not away.

  6. When your body is sinking into God, imagine a shower. The Holy Spirit Shower, showering you with light, and peace, washing through you. Lift your head and drink deeply. Drink until your cup overflows. You may add joy and love to the attributes of the shower when things get rolling. Your thanks grow as He returns His thanks to you for visiting Him inside yourself, where your alter is.

  7. You may have to wait up to two hours for this if you are new. Be patient. He will arrive, and you will know. This is real exercise. This is real practice. Your abilities will grow each time you join in Him.

  8. Because you think you are a body, you will be the one to withdraw, as He is always ready, loves you, and will never withdraw, unless you ask Him to withdraw by your thoughts and actions.

  9. For me, it is only afterward that I may perceive internal answers to my internal questions, without expecting it. The Holy Spirit is the Voice for God, and you may find that He speaks to you in your own internal voice. How do you know that it is Him and not you? Because of His obvious gentle logic and calm certainty in His answering, and simply because you were just there – you can recognize His quiet, almost silent very logical Voice. This lingers for a while, maybe an hour, maybe half a day. How do you know it is your voice and not His? Because the answers may turn to demands, have traces of guilt, or lose their peace. In my case, it doesn’t take long for my ego to take over, and then I am just back to self-talk.

  10. Repetition causes the “sludge” to move in your subconscious, replacing guilt with forgiveness. The peace stays with you, in a lighter sense, almost all the time, if you practice this daily.

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