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There is Nothing to Defend

There is nothing to defend. There is nothing you can defend, although there is something you can protect. You can protect your innocence, but to defend your innocence is impossible because to defend yourself you must “attack for righteous reasons”. You can not attack and be wholly innocent at the same time. Even a passive defense…
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You are not of this world

You Are Not of This World. You Never Were.

You are not of this world. You never were. This bears repeating. Where does your sense of “disconnection” come from? The world seems a stranger to you, and so it should. You were created by Love for Heaven. Yes, you have fallen, along with your brothers. Here you find yourself, a stranger in a strange…
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The Only Positive Codependency

God Has Great Need of Your Forgiveness The Only Positive Codependency From Jesus to Helen regarding positive codependency, found in the Urtext of A Course in Miracles: “Symbiosis is misunderstood by the mentally ill, who use it that way. But I also told you that you must recognize your total dependence on God, (a statement…
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“Only happy sights and sounds can reach the mind that has forgiven itself.”

“Only happy sights and sounds can reach the mind that has forgiven itself.” From “A Course In Miracles”. You can only be happy by accepting forgiveness from God. You cannot accept forgiveness without forgiving others. Therefore, you can only be happy by forgiving others.  

Finding the Holy Spirit Within

Your God has failed you because he doesn’t exist.

God the Father is. He is the Nirvana that is infinite, intimate, and can think: “I AM”. He created the Holy Spirit to be His Voice to lost souls and to provide the Vision that sees a better, happier world that leads us home. He created Jesus as the One in charge of the Atonement.…
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God within

I would be as God created me

Jesus said: “is it not written that ‘ye are gods’?” He was calling them gods, and they crucified him for it. God only creates the perfect and eternal. That includes something inside of you that you have buried and kept prisoner for eons. The rest is made by you with other lost souls, and is…
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Credit: https://www.npr.org/2015/02/06/383618359/satellite-set-to-stream-daily-images-of-earth-from-space

God is Love

God is Love. You were created in His likeness. You are love. Love lives, and even in this cold universe life finds a way. Love finds a way, because, in the end, Love is the Boss.  

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