Learn to See Jesus

Learn to See Jesus.


You. Yes, you. You can learn to see Jesus. Imagine the face of Christ right now.

Ok, how long did you just give that thought? One second? This exercise can lead to escape from the world and into paradise, and both parts of you know this. One part of you actively opposes it, but that part will fade into nothingness with your practice.

Your reflexive retreat from his face should not go unnoticed at this point. Do you want to get past it? Do you want to not retreat? Then picture him, as long as you peacefully can. Do it when you remember, if only for a moment or two. You must understand the magnitude of the inner blockage that stops you, and also learn to look through it to beyond it as if it weren’t there – for that is where you go to meet Him – in His quiet place inside of you. How?

There is Someone inside you that knows the way. He is part of you and misses His Home. Release Him and follow Him Home. He knows the Way. Peaceful, loving, trusting practice will set your path along His.

Do you really believe the Master of the Universe of universes would not protect you in this? “O ye of little faith!” Indeed, He protects the lost ones with all the power of Heaven during this meditation. Eventually, you will realize He was always your soul’s only protection. It may help to take a Holy Spirit Shower first before you imagine His face.

This is about your soul, not your body, which, if you look at the world, God cares little for. From His view, your soul is not special – but infinitely valued, loved, and protected. Thank God, for the special ones are those who would make their own worlds brighter without care that they are making the world darker for others. Think you not that you are not among them –  for you are. 

The Holy Spirit understands your blindness. He and has provided you a light, but you habitually shy away from it. This changes today.

What to do? Sit with the Holy Spirit awhile. Then He can and will walk with you for a while. Why? Because there is a residual effect that stays with you – until you or your world buries it again. It’s Ok. He understands and loves YOU, and will never forsake you.

See Jesus.


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