“I Accept This Karma in the Name of Heaven”

“I Accept This Karma in the Name of Heaven”


“I accept this karma in the name of Heaven”.

Say these words and mean them and discover an ancient memory of peace. Pennies in Heaven.

There is an ancient harmony that is heard/felt when you are released from the past. It is good. It feels good. It is healing. It is brought to you, for you, by the Holy Spirit. It is always waiting inside you. It will always take you more deeply towards your home inside, where your inner and outer world join and you feel the expansion and inspiration, just as you are breathing more deeply right now by understanding these words.

Stephen heard this song when he saw heaven open up as he was being stoned to death. “Look! I see heaven open and the Son of Man standing on the right hand of God!” Acts 7:54  All the apostles died miserable deaths, and they accepted their karma in the name of Heaven, getting them through it in all innocence. “I accept this karma in the name of Heaven”

Stephen’s statement is of the same source as the title of this piece. If you can understand that, here, for even an instant, then you have escaped many years of karma for yourself, and the world. The more you stay in the “zone”, the better your outer world becomes. Accept your karma peacefully by looking beyond it into heaven. If you do this, you will not need to experience that karmic expression again. If you fight it, it will come back later. Release vs. Suppression. Your choice should not be difficult, yet it is. If you defend yourself, you have cut yourself off from the harmony mentioned above. Turn the other cheek, and accept any insults in the name of your goal: in the name of Heaven. Walk in innocence.



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